Monday, February 13, 2012

A little History..

Hello there! How are you doing today? I am doing well. I figured that instead of hearing about my business you should know a little history behind me and my life as we progress into the new year; as well as why I got into working from home
 We all know with rising costs of things, the economy the way it is, and the "importance" of being there for your children these days; who would NOT want to work from home?
Let me go ahead and start from the very beginning of my work experience and being a full time Mother. I moved to Alaska in August of 2001 with my family. People ask me all the time, why did you move to Alaska? Honestly, it was not my first choice of places to live. I was scared, felt lonely and leaving all my friends behind as we ventured into the Last Frontier. Once I got here I instantly applied to work for McDonald's. I did get the job and worked for a few months then moved onto retail. I've worked at many different places between 2001 and 2007 such as: McDonalds, K-Mart, Wal-Mart,and a few other restaurants. I felt I was not getting anywhere on the chain levels to management, so I quit and attended school at a local private college called Career Academy and studied computers/business management. I did finish and received a certificate.
In 2007 I got hired on part time for a company called Costco. I loved my job there and the people that I worked with. I decided I wanted to try and move up with the company, but with little to no success I decided once again to quit and go back to college again. This time I enrolled with another private college called Charter College. I liked the idea that everything was included books, tuition, labs, fees, everything. I studied Medical Coding and Billing courses there and thoroughly enjoyed it! The college did offer job placement; but again with little to no success did I get a job there. I tried doing it working from home, that did not work out too well either.
For awhile, I decided to take a step back and focus on myself and my children. My husband works full time at Costco still and loves it. For nearly 2 years now we managed on one income. It was not easy. Many folks encouraged me to try running an in home day care. I pondered on the idea for quite some time, and then pursued it. I filled out all the necessary paper work; to find out I do not qualify well enough to do so. So once again, I moved on and focused on myself and my children.
Here real recently I have looked into working from home again. Believe it or not, I stumbled across a wonderful opportunity via Facebook. A friend of mine for several years posted on her wall about it, so like my children I was curious about it. She immediately sent me information and I read through it 4 times before making an educated decision on it. I do not regret my decision at all!

I really enjoy working from home. I switched stores, I am saving 80 dollars a month on everyday products people use in their home. These products are MUCH safer for the home and the environment. the benefits for me are: still saving on day care costs, I get to pick and choose whom I want to work with, as well as not changing my schedule with my children and they can still get involved with after school activities if they want to. It just does not make sense to me, to go back out into corporate America and work as hard as I can and pay someone else to watch my children for me. The bad side to that is: I will come home feeling tired and achy after a long day, and miss out on so much with my 4 children. So working from home, and being there for them is so rewarding in the end.
Why am I deciding this? Well the main reason is for my children. Yes I know the future is uncertain right now. As a mom focusing on today is what I am doing and today I am making my children's dreams come true.
I would love to help you make your dreams come true too. Please contact me for the next step in making this happen- this month you can earn a minimum of $1,000.00 guaranteed. My team and I would love to help you change your life, the way I have changed mine!

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