Thursday, March 1, 2012

What can $1.00 get you?

What can you get for $1.00 in today's society?
Can you get a gallon of gas? No
Can you get a candy bar from the drug store? Yes
Can you buy cell phone service for $1.00? No (not with taxes and fees)
Well today RIGHT now you  can invest 1.00 into something WONDERFUL! Are you working a regular day job with odd hours? Tired of living pay check to pay check? I know I was and I made that first step with 100 pennies, or ten dimes, or four quarters
Earn residual income starting today! Who do you know that does laundry, brushes their teeth, cleans the floor, dusts around the house? 80% of a chance it is you or your loved ones right?
YES!!!!!!!! So while doing all these chores why not earn income as well?
$1.00 there is no risk in that is there?